Town Of Russell
Incorporated 1792.
Facts about Russell Massachusetts
Name:  Russell
Government Type:  Town Government
Incorporated:  1792 as a Town
Aliases:  Cresent Mills, Fairfield, Russell, Woronoco
Neighbors:  Blandford, Granville, Huntington, Montgomery, Southampton,     
Southwick, Westfield
County:  Hampden County
Congressman:  Richard Neal
Senator:  Elizabeth Warren
Land Size:  17.71 square miles
Population:  1,769 ( 302nd in Massachusetts.)
Pop / Land:  93.56 people per square mile. (290th in Massachusetts.)
Zip Codes:  01071, 01097
:  -72.85972
Latitude:  42.18972

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"The Town of Russell is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

Payments are due on the 22nd
of each month.  Any payment
received after the 22nd will be credited on
the next utility statement.
Insufficient funds charge is $25.00
Any payment that is insufficient
will be charged $25.00
Town Hall is closed to the public until further notice.  If you are looking for trash tag order
forms- please print one from the Transfer Station tab.  We will send them to you.